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If you are looking for anime to watch online look no further than! This is your best resource for a variety of video’s and full series that are available online. Clearly the largest collection available on the web. gets their anime from from friendly linkers who post updates daily with new and updated content. There is a wealth of different videos and series on the site to entertain every single fan on the planet.


Bleach, Naruto Shippuuden, and One Piece are just a few of the streaming anime clips you will find on With new material being added every day the choices increase on a regular basis. They also have categories to sort them by including: movies, cartoons and ongoing series info.

The site also includes a forum were you can interact with other fans to discuss what you streamed and favorites and others you did not like as much. They also have a facebook and twitter account so that you can interact that way, along with get information on when new data is posted. Never miss anything by staying in touch on these two networks. The “home” page also features a running scroll of the most recent comments made in the forum.

This is not a free anime service. You are required to subscribe to anilinkz. However, once you are a member, you will have access to the huge library of anime, both old and new. It is considerably cheaper to subscribe than if you opted to pay for individual anime clips online or to purchase DVDs.

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Author : Mery Fisher

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