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Get Exclusive Video Game Cheats On This Site

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Video games are hugely popular worldwide, with billions (that’s not an exaggeration: actually billions) of people plugging in every day to explore alternate universes and, well, kill things. While I’m sure everyone likes to figure out all the levels of their favorite games themselves, sometimes you just need a little boost to get you past a hard spot.



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Lucky for you, there are sites like supplies gamers with “first person shooter cheats, hacks, and aimbot download for PC-based video games.”


The site has been around since 2013. It claims a network of more than 500,000 members, and has a coding staff with a combined 17 years of experience. Gamers can buy guaranteed game cheats and hacks from the site, either one at a time or through their VIP option.



hacks and cheats



What kind of cheats can you find here? has cheats available for PC, but they don’t have aimbot cheats for console games. Don’t despair, though, because they do have a cheat section that lists the latest cheats for console games that you can access on their site.


They also have a VIP section that’s going to cost you a few extra dollars but will provide you with their exclusive software that can be downloaded and run on your computer. These cheats are workarounds that the coders at have developed. The company also assure their clients that their hacks are better than other hacks because they’re more experienced and they make changes once the hack has been detected.


If you’re looking to chat about games and hacks, you can also check out their forum, where fans are already congregating to exchange notes.


So if you’re into shooting things up on your computer and want to explore the new and best ways to get around the game, check out


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