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VeryFunnyGifts.comWhat do men want? Giving a man a gift can be hard for the women who love them. Over at Veryfunnygifts.

com, you’ll be able to find the website of a brand new company that is dedicated to providing with the gifts you are looking for. For now, they only offer one product. The Mantern is a candle for men. I know this sounds weird, but on the site you’ll see how funny they can be. While candles are associated with women due to their feminine scents, the Mantern will allow you to give your man a candle with a sports theme. The great thing about the candles is the scents they come in. Each candle smells like you would expect a manly candle to smell like. The company is just getting started, and they do promise other funny gift ideas in the future. The Mantern idea is very creative, and should give all of us an opportunity to see what to expect from this hilarious gifting company. In Their Own Words

“Based out of Atlanta, GA, Very Funny Gifts, Inc. started from one idea hatched over 5 years ago: candles for men”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Everyone wants to outdo their friends with the gifts they give. This site promises to become a great source for people who like to make fun gifts.

Some Questions About

When are the new products coming? Will people be interested enough on the Mantern to keep coming back to the site?

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