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If you’ve had a bad day or are just a whiney person, welcomes your complaints. If you feel like venting but have no good reason to vent, this site provides hundreds of irritating ideas. Even if you are not in the mood to vent, but have a hankering to be angry, just read some posts and vent about that topic, or the other venter. Top Ventboxers such as ventman, ventsister, and ventdaddy have already complained about President Bush, BWM, Starbucks, coke rewards, other people, SUV drivers, and Puma shoes. is easy to use and a little addictive. The site has a pop chart, where the most irritated ventboxers can get credit for their venting. Also, you can find vent tips to help your vents rise to the top of the chart. Who knows, maybe you will even find another ventboxer with the same complaints and make a new whiney friend. In Their Own Words

“VentBox is a website designed for you! With VentBox, you can complain about whatever you want and have your opinion counted. It’s easy to find Vents that you agree with and even easier to share your Vents with your friends.

The most important thing to remember is that everyone has her or his opinion, and some people have opinions very similar to your own! So, get started and get venting… you may be surprised with what happens.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Everyone likes to complain and no one wants to hear it. Here complaints are rewarded and opinions are raw. If you love to vent this is perfect…if not its just painful.

Some Questions About

Part of the fun of venting is having another person egg you on. How can this site compete with actually person to person venting? Also, is it possible not to insult people with topics such as Asian drivers?

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