How to submit? – Manage Your Vendors In A Smooth Way

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VendorRisk.comThis is a web-based application that will enable any organization to keep track and monitor any vendor that works for it. In this way, controlling the services that they are rendering along with their contracts becomes a very immediate task.

A dashboard lets you see the actions which are required and also keep an eye on a watch list detailing these items that should be prioritized. A “to do” list is also provided to these ends.

It is important to mention that the interface is actually brandable, as you can add both your logo and your color palette. That might not sound too radical on paper, but it does make everything look more professional in practice.

Three monthly plans are available: “Bronze”, “Silver” and “Gold”. The three of them are completely upgradeable and come with a free trial period for you to make up your mind. The one difference lies in the number of vendors that are supported, and also in the maximum storage capacity you will have – that goes from 10 to 50 GB. Other than that, the same functionalities are provided. In Their Own Words

“A web-based solution for your vendor management program.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It provides a centralized hub for dealing with every vendor-related operation, and for keeping track of each and every item that might arise.

Some Questions About

Which plan is more popular from the ones that are offered?

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