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Vegbay.comWhile “green” may now feel like an empty marketing term, VegBay actually practices what it preaches, and seeks to be the primary online auction site for those that are eco-conscious. VegBay is similar to eBay, in that there are a variety of product categories that range from art to health and beauty to yoga and meditation, but all the featured products are environmentally-friendly and sold by individuals or businesses that are of a similar mindset.

While the vast majority of products are either jewelry or natural beauty products, there promises to be a wide range of products to appeal to the green and vegetarian communities. In Their Own Words

“VEGBAY.COM is a free online auction for environmentally friendly, eco-conscious individuals, organizations, and small businesses. Sell or buy vegetarian, vegan, hemp, fair trade, yoga, new age, health & beauty, organic, recycled, and miscellaneous items and services while supporting fellow eco-conscious individuals, businesses and not-for-profit organizations.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As consumers do become more and more interested in maintaining an eco-friendly lifestyle, VegBay will likely be seen as a more trustworthy alternative to other sites that merely promote green living (rather than actually living it). VegBay will have to adopt a strict protocol or monitoring system to ensure that all products meet their standards, but once that is in place, VegBay could be the go-to site for green and vegetarian purposes.

Some Questions About

Why not include a section for recycled goods? Reselling goods and products is equally as important for the environment and an online forum is the ideal arena to connect the products with the appropriate audience.

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