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Vaestro.comVaestro is a site which provides software that hosts an “audio forum” for your website in lieu of a regular forum in which only text is exchanged. Adding Vaestro to your site is easy; simply a matter of cutting and pasting the provided HTML snippets; Vaestro will then appear as a button on your site which links directly to the forum.

Once a visitor is in the forum, he or she will be able to have his or her voice heard across an unlimited audience; Vaestro doesn’t cap the number of participants in a forum. If you are the master of a Vaestro forum (called a “channel”, you’ll have access to recordings of old conversation and have the ability to control who talks and for how long; you can change speakers somewhat like you would change channels with a remote. Anyone can create a channel as long as you register, and each channel is part of an “audio web” of voices which comprises the Vaestro community In Their Own Words

“Vaestro is audio forum software that you can use on your web site for free. Talk to your friends, host interactive podcasts, or use it like an audio blog. Use it anytime you need to communicate with groups of people small or large. With Vaestro, everyone has a chance to speak and be heard. Our software is built to solve many problems with other methods of communication. In fact, it is built to become a new paradigm in mass media”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Audio forums will most likely be the future of online communication on websites, and Vaestro taps into this service well by offering anyone the opportunity to embed a widget on their website which lets visitors participate in a verbal forum. Since the site monitor has control over the discussion, it’s easy to keep content relevant and appropriate.

Some Questions About

It’s unclear if users must download some sort of software initially, or if simply cutting and pasting the HTML code is enough to launch the application. The site lacks examples and tutorials for how to use its service.

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