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UX Design: Best Practices

Web Design
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by Beata Green


UX Design is a way of designing web pages with the user’s experience in mind. Keeping things clean, simple, and easy-to-use will draw users to your website like bees to a hive. There are many ways to streamline your page to make the UX better.



UX Design


Scrolling and Swiping

Clicking between pages is out. Scrolling and swiping is in. To make your page more user-friendly, it must be seen on one page instead of multiple pages. The trend has changed from the ‘90s trendy multi-layer clickable site to the 20-teens swiping and scrolling site. If everything is condensed to one page, the user does not have to search for information or get lost.


Even though your one page may be lengthy, that is still acceptable. Just make sure that headers and labels clearly divide your page into sections. Readers are looking for chunks of information that they can ingest and digest quickly. Everyone is in a hurry, and I so if the site does not grab their attention and appeal to their instant-info mentality, they are going to take their swiping fingers elsewhere.


Be sure that your website covers the 5 Ws: Who? What? When? Where? Why? And, don’t dare forget the H. How? When you provide answers to each of these questions, it provides the answers that your users will be looking for on your site. Moreover, you won’t need an FAQ page either. Most people are looking for contact information, location, and more about what your business is or the service that you provide. Provide those in small chunks and you will walk away with more business than you can handle.


Sticky Navigation

Keep your users grounded with a sticky navigation bar so that they don’t get lost. A vertical scroll bar will help them get ‘back to the top’ quickly. Providing the navigation bar helps the user feel safe and not floating out at sea on your site. Keeping the user in control of their navigation makes them a happy user. If they have scrolled with no way to get back to the part they just read, the user will become frustrated. Remember, frustrated users do not return to the website because they didn’t leave it with a great feeling. You want the user to enjoy the experience so they will return again and again.


Calls to Action

Calls to action make things happen. It is the most powerful part of your website. If you are designing an email campaign or a mobile app download, the call to action gets the user engaged enough actually to sign up or download the app. A quality call to action is the whole purpose of the site. If your site is an online store, motivating a person to buy is the call to action. If getting a person to sign the guest book provides you with contact information so that you can follow up and contact that person, then a quality call to action of signing the guestbook is needed. You want your website to motivate the user to perform an action. Excellent marketers are great at this.


Don’t Forget the Small Stuff

Remember that color affects the moods of users and also can contribute to the actual follow through on your website. If your website is not doing well, a color change may be needed. Sometimes word placement needs to be adjusted. Although these are small touches, they can mean an increase and big business.



Beata Green

Beata Green is Managing Director of HeadChannel Ltd., a London based bespoke software development company. She is responsible for overall strategic direction and overseeing the company’s continuing growth, building closer client relationships and maintaining best working practices. She enjoys brisk country walks with her red fox Labrador and then relaxing in front of a TV crime drama with a glass of red wine.



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