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UsualWords.comWe can define UsualWords as a site that lets users capture all their life experience, and have them shared with all the people they want to let into their lives. Memories, thoughts, goals, events, ideas and dreams can all be set down on UsualWords, and then revisited as much as the user wishes. Others will then be able to begin following them based on these aspirations that they have, and enables users to follow trends about these parts of people’s lives that they identify with. This streamlines everything to no end, and it makes it really simple to focus on these aspects of other people that could be beneficial to one’s self-growth.

The site, then, aims to build a true database of life experiences, and by letting users see what everybody else has done (and follow those who have similar plans) it does become a social network like no other. Sure, social giants like Facebook let you do mostly the same thing in the end, but UsualWords offers such a clear categorization of experiences (and there’s so little interference) that it stands as a really interesting development on how social networks have always operated. In Their Own Words

All you need to share about your life.

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How does UsualWords integrate with other social services like Facebook and Twitter?

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