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Quextit.comDo you want to ask questions and get quick answers? Woudl you like to answer questions online? In both cases, it looks like might be a website of interest and use. This site is a Q & A website where you will get the chance to answer questions and get real answers.


To start using Quextit you just need to register on the site as a member and build a profile using your personal information and according to your likes. Doing this helps you get real answers from real people. On the other hand, lets you answer questions from other users if they want you to.

Would you like to ask and answer questions online? If that is so, try visiting this site to start asking questions of any sort and get real answers from real people. Feel free to visit next time you want to ask and answer questions online. In Their Own Words

“We believe that the best answers come from the right people. Unlike other Q&A sites that decide for you, on Quextit, we give YOU the power to define exactly who those people are.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because it turns Q & A sites into something which is far more relevant and significant for everybody.

Some Questions About

In which ways are question spread? Which kind of social integration is provided?


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