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Applian Technologies keep their online presence at Their mission statement states they aim to develop and provide the most affordable streaming software for media recording to Windows users across the world. They pride themselves on being a strong supporter of fair use rights and they strive to offer solutions that will provide the most for personal use of streaming media. is a privately held company which is based in San Anselmo, California. The company sells software which will aid in capturing and conversation any web video, streaming audio, and songs across the internet.


Applian offers discounts on software purchased in bundles and offers such useful tools as the Replay Media Catcher, Replay Video Capture, Video Padlock, and Replay Media Splitter. The replay media catcher will enable the user to download a streaming video or audio file from over millions of websites. Their shining achievement on this product is the ability to automatically name features for any song or video that is downloaded. The software totes a playful warning that the product is powerful and addictive, and can be tried free of charge. All products made by are offered with a free trial for users to conveniently choose whether or not the software is the right fit for them. Their replay video capture tool allows users to create high quality videos from any part of their personal computer’s screen. Not only can users create videos from skype calls, they can also create videos from webcam websites. Applian Technology provides around the clock technical support and prides themselves on being one of the best software companies available.

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