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Business owners who are concerned with customer feedback and efficient decision making should take a look at the services provided by Apian Software at Apian currently offers two different pieces of software: SurveyPro 5 which helps businesses produce professional-looking questionnaires, and DecisionPad 4 which provides a logical framework from which to make business decisions.


SurveyPro 5 is Apian’s survey software and is available on for a free 30-day demo. It contains many options for designing surveys: users can setup questionnaires online, on paper, on kiosks, or through Local Area Networks.

The website questionnaire design allows for the use of automated e-mail to notify customers of questionnaire availability. SurveyPro comes pre-loaded with 32 survey templates, but all surveys can be fully customized by adding logos, different fonts, and a number of options for survey answers (yes/no, true/false, numerical, “write-in” answers). The surveys can be hosted on the business’ own website, on the third-party Questionweb survey site, or on’s own SurveyHost.

Kiosk questionnaires have the same functionality as web-based questionnaires, but add the ability to use touch-screen response and to time-out abandoned questionnaires.

The paper survey is similar to the website survey. Users can create professional-looking paper surveys to be handed to customers or other survey-takers in person. They can even analyze the results of paper surveys alongside web surveys, as SurveyPro has the ability to read scanned-in questionnaires.

DecisionPad 4 is another Apian product which can be viewed at This software can save managers time and hassle at meetings by allowing them to document the discussions at meetings, enter relevant data and analyze metrics. It streamlines the decision-making process by identifying areas of agreement and disagreement and focusing on solving the disagreements.

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