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Do you want to vent your Internet frustrations? is the perfect place to share your complaints with others. Fun and frank complaint categories are most popular complaints, most controversial, most outsatanding and new. Companies which have large numbers of complaints at include TelCel, Bancomer, Moviestar, Dish, Banamex and more. The ‘derogatory’ items are indexed by month and year. A historic section also exists. The most active user members are highlighted with their user names under heading ‘Most Active Users’ so visitors to can readily follow the well rehearsed complainers if they want.


This website not only lists unpopular companies for a category but also education and training, money and finance, entertainment and sports, and, government and politics as categories. There ae several distinct divisions among these main headings as well. You could start with political parties and police, go on to view or contribute complaints about childcare and school and then look into adverse opinions about pawn dealers and sports and still have many more categories to deal with. The website exhibits lists a broad spectrum of negative experiences and views on the things we all deal with in our day to day journeys.

Create a profile and join in. Thousands of members have shared their bad experiences and discussed awareness about many situations from the dentist’s chair to the travel agency down the street. There are more than 76,000 users already. Apestan can give you information about companies that aren’t satisfactory in their services and will contact those who were dissatisfied with some degree of a solution. The information gathered on this site makes it to the ranking systems of the popular search engines and will get the attention of the most unpopular companies and services by hitting the first page.

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Author : Pat Gregson

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