How to submit? – A Way To Catalogue Your Meetings

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UseKetchup.comSimply put, Ketchup is a new tool that will let the busy ones make sure they are never missing important information related to any past meeting ever again. It does that by letting you create a kind of catalogue of meetings.

That is, the user comes up with a series of lists that detail information ranging from who was there to what was said and discussed. This catalog is accessible from anywhere there is a web-enabled computer, and there is no need at all to download and install anything.

Ketchup is going to be available in both a paid and a free incarnation. The version you can test right now is the free one, and it is also somehow rudimentary – features are still rolling in, but it does its job as competently as it should. It will be interesting to see which features are added next, and in which ways the paid version will differ from what you can see. Also, I am interested in seeing which functionalities out of the ones that are currently available are retained, and which ones become part of the paid version of Ketchup. In Their Own Words

“Meetings are tricky. Ketchup is here to help. It’s here to keep track of your meetings”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The concept is an interesting one indeed, as any person who runs from a meeting to other all day long can tell you.

Some Questions About

How much is this going to eventually cost?

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