Use eWorky To Make Money From Unused Space

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What can you do with the extra space you have in your company? More often than not it is not being used to generate income it is used to warehouse broken equipment and empty boxes. Wouldn’t it be ideal if there was a way you could use it more efficiently?  Well that is the concept behind eWorky.


They find tenants for organizations that have extra space by renting it to small businesses or freelancers. If you have unused space this is one way of earning extra income with an available asset.


Like most innovative companies it was founded out of necessity after some entrepreneurs were trying to find a suitable location for a meeting. After this frustrating experience they started the company which allowed a collaborative search platform for people looking for workspace.  There is a large community of companies on eWorky that offer different types of workspace for a variety of professions.

Who Are The Tenants?

Anyone with the need for space can use eWorky but generally it is a small business or a freelancer looking for temporary office space or a facility which offers tools not available for someone with a small budget. This type of access lets the small entrepreneur save a considerable amount of money with the flexibility of booking the space daily, weekly or monthly. The space is also used by large companies when they need additional space for special projects or while they are looking for larger facilities.



Finding The Space

When you need a working space sign up to eWorky and login into your account. Once you are logged in search for the type of space you are looking for in your area. If you want a location in another city that will accommodate your need scroll to the city of your choice to see what is available. When you are ready book and pay for your space online. The process is user friendly and less complicated than reserving a car online.

eWorky Community

The benefit of joining the eWorky community is it allows you to network with people with common interest and talents. The community can link you with people who are searching for temporary help in your workspace, training providers and translators in different cities across Europe.  This type of community is the prototype of the future work force where talent is performing by telecommuting and working spaces are only needed occasionally.


Space Provider

If you manage the property providing the working space you can start by advertising the workplace for free on eWorky. When you place your add make sure you describe your property including the size, amenities such as Wi-Fi, furniture, facilities and access to the space. Provide information for your space regarding rates, vacancies and any specials for customers with long term or multiple booking. If the customer agrees with your terms the payment will be deposited directly into your account.

Telecommuting means you can work from your home without needing large office setups but if the time comes to hold meetings in an office environment services like eWorky can help you get the working space easily.

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