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Unaira.comBased in Switzerland, Unaira is a company that provides services and solutions that are geared towards the travel industry. The company specializes in the online distribution of products and services, as Unaira provides its distribution partners with the resources for selling destination products on the web.

The company’s website is subdivided into four main sections, namely “Our Partners”, “Our Products”, “Our Technology” and “Providers”. The “Our Partners” section details the enterprises that the company deals with, including hotel chains and travel agencies. For its part, the “Our Products” pages list the Destination Service Platform (DSP) that the company has designed and developed. Basically, this platform makes for selling tickets online in a straightforward manner. For its part, the technology solutions that the company specializes in can be found under the “Technology” heading. Finally, the section that goes by the name of “Providers” lists the name of partner companies that provide Unaira with products and services for travelers.

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