How to submit? – Share Audio On Twitter

TwTio.comIf you feel that a mere tweet can not convey the way you are feeling right now, then it is only natural you will go for a service like TwTio – a service that lets you share things orally. On TwTio, you are enabled to record your voice and have the resulting clip shared with just every other person who is a registered user of the service.

The recording process itself is done online, using a provided web interface that is sure not to give you any headache. And you can also upload audio that you have recorded on your own (IE, using your iPhone or any application on your desktop).

At the end of the day, services like this one are interesting because they show us that there is more than Twitter than meets the eye. It is not that such a way of communication could displace tweets as we know them, but it is always nice to have alternatives around. In Their Own Words

TwTio allows you to record and upload audio and share it on your twitter page.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It gives a new depth to the way we communicate via Twitter.

Some Questions About

How long can these clips be?

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