How to submit? – A Tool For Secretive Tweeting

If tweeting secretly is the order of the day, this website will do the trick, and in a very simple way at that. Essentially, through the site it is possible to tweet out messages without having to employ your regular Twitter account.

In this way, you will able to say whatever you want without tarnishing your reputation, or the reputation of your brand.

All you have to do is use the provided input box and hit the button labelled “Submit This Message!”, whereas it is possible to direct message anybody by addressing the tweet the habitual way.

The uses this will be put to are entirely up to each individual, of course, but it is not much of a stretch to think it will be employed by the ones who are partial to mischief and a good old dose of tomfoolery. And whistleblowers will have a field day, obviously. That might seem to reduce its actual usability spectre, but sites like this one turn out to come in handy when you least would have imagined it. And that is a proven fact. In Their Own Words

“You can tweet anonymously.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is good for having some quick laughs, and also for taking some furtive steps in order to pan the competition.

Some Questions About

What measures will be taken in order to prevent inappropriate tweets be put around?

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