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Twitturly.comHave you ever wondered what sites people are talking about on Twitter? If you’d like to find out which URLs are being tweeted about the most each day, then simply go to where you will find a list of the 100 most popular URLs for the day.

The site works by literally scouring Twitter all throughout the day and every time someone tweets a URL, the Twitturly engine takes a note of it, checks the URL for authenticity and then posts it. The popularity of the URL is simply determined by the number of times it is tweeted throughout the day. Along with the URL, Twitturly also displays who has tweeted it and what their comment was about it. In Their Own Words

“It operates similar to Digg where people vote on an item and it gets displayed higher up the home page, but more closely to PageRank where basically every person that links to the same final url, is considered a vote for that URL. With Each vote that the URL gets, it climbs further and further up the list.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Twitter continues to grow and the comments made by its vast database of users can provide valuable user opinion-related information. This application could be used by anyone to check the buzz surrounding a particular site. It could also be used for the upcoming elections to gauge which candidate is generating the most talk.

Some Questions About

Are there any plans to expand this application to include a URL of the month or a URL of the week? With this technology, they would appear to have the ability to strip out information from the Twitter database. Could this ability be used to mine other data?

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