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TwitterPassion.comStating that Twitter is massive is something completely obvious, yet it is not less true because of that. There is so much to do Twitter-wise that nobody would blame newcomers (IE, a large number of people) if they felt a bit disoriented at first.

If you are in that very same position and you need a helping hand, this new portal is there to bring some fresh ideas about.

Essentially, it is a repository of the best Twitter-related links that you could find on the WWW. These include clients and apps along with articles on blogs and related sites of interest. There is also a section named “Fun Stuff” that gathers together leisure links, whereas the most serious users will maximize the provided statistic and productivity tools on offer.

For its part, the site also includes a user directory that is broken down into categories such as “Actors/celebrities”, “Brand/Companies”, “Designers” and “Bloggers”. There is even a “Favorite Twitter Quotes” category that will let anybody know what makes Twitterers such as Shaq stand from the pack. In Their Own Words

“If you are passionate about social media, specifically Twitter, then this is the site for you! We are here to help you learn more about Twitter and how you can use it to grow your business, meet new friends, and network with like minded people! We’ve created a link directory to other sites and resources you will find useful. And if you have any resources you’d like to see included in the directory please add your link.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Any person who is getting to grips with Twitter will find such a repository worthy of a visit, if only because it provides a better overall knowledge of the scene.

Some Questions About

Are there other resources on the web that include both links and a directory of Twitter users such as this one?

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