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TwentyFeet.comThis is the kind of site that one quickly associates with marketers and brand managers, but I see no reason why casual users should stand aloof to it. Essentially, Twenty Feet will let anybody measure the results of all the social activity that he has undertaken.

That is why this is a service marketers are going to maximize – it will let them realize exactly who the big influencers are, and start focusing on them from that point onwards. Plus, Twenty Feet can send them direct notifications when anything changes and they should consider revising their strategies.

And when it comes to casual users, Twenty Feet can be used for self-satisfactory purposes. Those who want to figure how much authority they really exert over others will get to know it straightaway.

A service like Twenty Feet, then, puts an end to having to log into multiple site to check metrics. And the centralized dashboard that is featured also gives you the chance to check interdependences between services. I will say it again – this service is tailor-made for marketers. But I know more than a couple of individuals who are not into promoting any product that will put this to very good uses indeed. In Their Own Words

TwentyFeet is an egotracking service that will help you keep track of your own social media activities and monitor your results. We aggregate metrics from different services, thus giving you the full picture of what happens around you on the web – all in one place.

Why It Might Be A Killer

People who market their products through social media will just be in their element.

Some Questions About

Can you have Twenty Feet generate periodical reports and have them automatically delivered?

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