How to submit? – Easy File Sharing through Twitter

TweetCube.comTweetCube is a straight forward Twitter app that allows you to upload and post files to your Twitter account. Log in with your Twitter user information, find and upload the image, song, video, or whatever else you want to share, and enter the message you want to add describing your post.

The result is a tweet from your account with the message you’ve entered and a Twurl link that leads you to a TweetCube page with your submitted file displayed for the Twitter community to enjoy. Currently the file size is limited to 10 MB, and links expire after 30 days, but posting is completely free. In Their Own Words

“TweetCube is a 100% free file sharing service for Twitter. You can upload as many images, archives, videos and songs as you want and share them on Twitter with your followers.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The application has an easy to use and attractive interface, and instructions are straightforward so that the most basic Twitter user can use their site without any problems. It makes sharing different content possible via Twitter, which will be popular with avid tweeters with more to show than just 140 characters about what they’re up to or what link they’re checking out.

Some Questions About

What type of sponsors are they looking for to contribute to the TweetCube project? Will they make premium accounts available later on that allow you to upload larger files and make them available for longer than 30 days? Will people use this site, or will they just link to other websites they could potentially use to host their files? Why will people use this site versus TwitPlus?

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