How to submit? – The Evolution Of Citizen Journalism

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Tvype.comThe concept of citizen journalism is anything but new. What is new, however, is the way in which people who wouldn’t have previously entertained the thought of becoming involved in such a form of journalism are taking to it.

Well, that is only natural when we have sites like Tvype around.

In essence, what this site does is to bring together citizen journalists and media buyers like never before. The former get an immediate chance to upload their footage and have it marketed by the latter in an immediate way.

For its part, media buyers pay only for the content that they effectively use. That is, there are no contracts or base fees to speak about – they only pay for each picture and video that they use, and the fact that a monitoring team is involved goes some way into ensuring the quality of the material that is procurable through the site.

Finally, an iPhone app is on the works. That will be an interesting addition to the site if only because it will let people upload videos right as they are shot, giving the whole process an even further degree of immediacy and transcendence. In Their Own Words

“Have you ever recorded a phenomenal photo or video that deserved to be aired in the news? Did you want to show it to the world but did not know which company to send it to or how much to sell it for? How can you get it to an editor as fast as possible? – This is what tvype does for you.

On the media portal you are able to upload your sensational footage. We get your news to the world! With the tvype portal and partnerships with media buyers we market your content. You earn with every sale!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It gives the concept of citizen journalism a true infusion of vitality and energy.

Some Questions About

When is the iPhone app going to be ready?

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