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Tubachristmas.comThe term “Tubachristmas” was coined in 1974 when a tribute concert was played in memory of the late William J. Bell, a music teacher.

The concert proved to be very successful, and the tradition of playing Tubachristmas concerts has been kept up to the current date. As its name implies, the concert itself is played using solely tubas and euphoniums. The official Tubachristmas website provides resources for those who want to take part in Tubachristmas concerts within their communities. The site highlights the location of Tubachristmas groups the world over, and a locator is provided for additional convenience. For its part, a section named “What do I need for Tubachristmas?” details the requirements that have to be complied with, namely paying the registration fee and buying the “Carols For A Merry Tubachristmas” sheet music upon registering. On the other hand, Tubachristmas merchandise can be found under the relevant heading, and apparel such as headbands and scarves can be procured online.

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