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Trystana.comWe could say that Trystana is a new search tool that will let anybody find singles near his or her location, and do so in a truly direct manner. In general terms, using the site entails nothing more than specifying your gender and what it is that you are looking for in the same step, and then setting down your country and your postal code so that relevant matches can be produced.

It is as straightforward as that. Accounts are created for free, and there is no need to disclose any type of information which could be personally identifiable – you just pick a username and choose a password to go with it.

A good aspect is that integration when it comes to Facebook and other social providers is already instrumented. In practice, that means you will be capable of bringing the match-making process into your preferred social web and benefit from all the intercommunication that characterizes such resources.

Note, though, that the site has just launched and that territories are starting being supported one by one. That means the place you live might not be already covered – chances are it will be added before too long. In Their Own Words

“Trystana (pronounced /tr?stana/) is an online dating service where you can meet singles living just a few blocks, few miles or few kilometers away. It’s cool, fun and free to use. Trystana also integrates with social networking sites like Facebook to bring people together on their favorite social networks.

Trystana’s efficient search features enable its members to find local matches in the neighborhood and initiate clicks, friendship and dates that will hopefully result in mutual love and happiness. We believe singles deserve a simple, fun and free dating service, so we made it possible.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you are looking for a direct way to meet up other singles in your close vicinity a service like this will fit the bill perfectly.

Some Questions About

Which parts of the United States are not covered yet? How long will it take for these regions to be covered?

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