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TryMyUI.comThere is no reason why usability testing should be complicated or time consuming, and that is something this company knows all too-well. TryMyUI is a provider of simple, clear usability tests that will let companies of every shape and size know exactly how their customers are relating to their websites. Whether the find them too oversaturated for their own good, whether the layout and choice of colors is uninviting… all that and more can be determined in the easiest way of all. The company charges $ 35 for each test that is administered, and the results are presented in a visual way.

That is, you (as the one hiring the service) can specify exactly what you want to have tested for the company to generate a video in which you can see how users navigate your site, and also listen to their thoughts and opinions right as they are doing so. And you will also get written answers to all the questions you have provided. So, stands as a truly practical way to have your site tested to the last detail, and to get to know exactly how to improve it until everything is as usable as you have intended all along. In Their Own Words

TryMyUI is a leading provider of usability testing and usertesting on the web.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The company makes it incredibly simple to know which are the hits and misses of any site, and start working towards improving it.

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Can you pay for expedited tests if you want to?

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