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Truthlaidbear.comLooking for the latest and most popular blog posts from across the blogosphere? Then check out this site. The Truth Laid Bear is a BlogSpot blog that evolved into a fully developed portal.

TTLB is an independent brand of the pseudonymous N.Z. Bear, which is available for print, blog, and radio interviews that are requested. The Truth Laid Bear functionality improved since their early beginnings to a new level with new graphics, search capabilities, and many other features. The TTLB blog is the best spot to find the best blogs around the world. It tracks political blogs and websites to see what is in local papers, on websites, and in blogs all over the world and groups blog entries by popularity and also by topic. The site also features N.Z.’s blog, hot topics, blogosphere communities – groups of blogs related by common interests, beliefs, or other characteristics -, the TTLB blogosphere ecosystem, and the TTLB UberCarnibal.

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