How to submit? – Drilling Beneath the Headlines was elected the best political blog by the 2007 Webby awards, so that should be more than enough a reason to check it out.

In its editorial page, indicates that the information is gathered and presented from a progressive point of view, while paying close attention to giving conventional wisdom a shake; what they want to do is to actually drill the surface of things down to an unusual depth in order to reveal The Truth. Now, the people in charge of such an industrious epistemological activity are Zuade Kaufman (Publisher) and Robert Scheer (Editor in Chief), who manage to pull off a fantastically well written, informative and challenging blog that is updated all the time, and which aggregates information on several topics of interest, amongst which US politics is clearly a favorite. All the rest of the blog’s sections look into politics as an influence, a cause or a consequence, and though some readers could find this approach a bit repetitive, they will probably be very interested in some of the perspectives and insights that this blog’s editorial outline gives to top pop culture figures like Oprah or Leno in regards to politics and public opinion.

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