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Trouble Driving Traffic

Our Way of Advertising!

Instead of trying to attack the big names in the industry we take a different route than they do. Take any large company, they pick the major keywords and go after them and bid CPC on Adwords for .

50 cents a click and have $1000 dollar a day budgets. Well that’s great for them but dose not work for the small business owner with a $300 dollar a month budget. So what we do is zone in on the less trafficked keywords with a better conversion rates and spread ourselves out across the web.

An example would be instead of going after sites with free shipping, we would go after shoe sites with free shipping.

Just adding that simple word shoe cuts the cost down a lot of CPC campaign and gives you traffic of customers looking for what you sell, shoes and free shipping.

Our Basic Package starts at $99 dollars for 3 Months or $39.99 a month and includes unlimited telephone and website support from us. Also includes a basic SEO or search engine optimization and assistance with basic advertising placement and choices. Click Here for more Info.

Our Advanced Package includes everything in the Basic Package Plus more for only $199.99 for 3 Months or 69.99 a month. An advanced SEO including generating new META TAGS for help with page rankings, Advanced Ad placement and choices (Banner Ads on major sites like Yahoo, Google, AOL, ETC.) Free CPC or Cost Per Click monitoring (ADWORDS, Sponsored Results on, ETC.) Click Here for more info.

Why Trouble Driving Traffic It Might Be A Killer

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