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TripLingo.comBy their mere nature, language courses for travelers have always been generic. A little information on how to ask for directions, a few tips on how to order from a menu, maybe some guidance on how to bargain when shopping… People wanting to get more specific could always ask the teacher, but there is always a limit to the number of questions a person could ask without disrupting the flow of a class. Not to mention that there are always people in a classroom who do not care about such things.

Well, TripLingo is a company specialized on language acquisition apps that provide users with as much of a personalized experience as they could ever want. On TripLingo, people can pick up vocabulary connected with the most specific interests and activities. For example, people who want to learn about sports-related lingo can do it in a snap. The same goes for people who want to learn how to communicate with the opposite sex at any party, or who want to know how to approach expositors at conventions.

This is all done by answering a survey that lets TripLingo determine the interests of the users. And the user is enabled to shift a slang slider and change the phrases which are presented to him. Four layers are provided: formal, casual, slang, and crazy.

Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian are all supported, or are meant to be supported soon. In Their Own Words

TripLingo was founded on the belief that language learning should be tailored to your unique needs and that most learners aren’t necessarily seeking to become fluent.

Why It Might Be A Killer

There are no other apps letting people who want to learn a language get this specific, and learn the very same expressions that are spoken on the street.

Some Questions About

Which other languages are meant to be supported soon? Which have been requested by users of the application?

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