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Whether You’re A “Glomad” Or A Tourist, Beoo Has You Covered

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Everyone likes to travel but no one likes to be a called a tourist. Here in startup land, where we love to make up our own words for things that have existed for awhile already, the terms “digital nomad,” “glomad,” and “global nomad” are in vogue in certain circles.




While it may make us feel better to have a special name, the cold hard truth is that we’re all really just tourists. We may be touting around $300 backpacks instead of fanny packs and Macs instead of bottles of anti-malarial pills but, in the end, we are the same as those cargo-shorts wearing old folks we picture when we hear the word “tourist.”


That doesn’t mean, however, that we have to be clueless like those tourists are.

Along with the safari clothing in cities and ugly running shoes when not working out, tourists are known for standing in the middle of busy streets with giant maps, shouting about how they’re lost.




I’ll leave avoiding the fashion mistakes to other blogs but I do have something I think could help with the lost part. There are plenty of apps and websites these days that help you navigate a new city like a local, as well as helping you with all your other tourist global nomad needs.


The one I want to talk about today is called

beoo logoBeoo is a place for travelers to ask questions that are then answered by local tour guides. In the Travel Questions & Answers section, you can either browse questions that have already been asked and answered for cities around the world. If you have a question that hasn’t been covered yet, you can submit it for their experts to address.


The site also has sections for tracking down flights, hotels, car rentals, and cruises. Under each of those categories, you can find tips for finding the best prices. The blog has more tips and tricks, as well as fun facts about interesting spots around the world.


Whether you call yourself a tourist, a glomad, or a missionary, sites like can help lessen the stress of travelling, from getting there to finding a place to stay to getting around without looking a noob. They offer a personalized site for arranging all of your travel needs.


Except, unfortunately, the fashion. I’ll leave you with this tip: Don’t ever wear sneakers out to dinner and fishing hats are only for fishing.


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