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TrappFamily.comAre you looking for a really nice place where to stay in your next trip to Vermont? The Von Trapp Family invites you to stay in their Trapp Family Lodge, a wonderful resort which you’ll never forget. In trappfamily.

com you can get informed about the history of this family and the members of it. Furthermore, the site offers information about the accommodations they provide as well as the services you can get here. Pictures of the resort and of the landscapes are available in the site for you to have a look, and dinning information is also published, including the common traditions of the menus in Vermont. If you want to have an idea of the Nordic Ski Center then you will be able to read this too, as well as looking at pictures. Directions are published in the site as well as a contact address for you to make the reservations or to ask any questions you might have. The site really illustrates what this resort offers, not only through the pictures but also through the information given to the web visitors. So don’t wait any longer, make your decision now!

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