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Transcripts.tvThe Transcription Company provides transcription, continuity, translation and captioning services for anyone in need of this type of service, from individuals to the large corporations. The company specializes in transcripts for the film and television industries, working with each of the networks and studios.

Each of the transcripts comes with a cover page, table of contents, cross-referenced index and detailed transcript with timecode. The Transcription Company transcribes and translates over twenty audio and video tape formats. If you need quality work done on time and at competitive prices, this is the right choice for you. Whether you need the services once or have constant transcription needs this company will provide you with the quality work you require. Services include pre-edit transcription, post-edit transcription, broadcast scripts, continuity, dialogue lists, translation, closed captioning, and retail transcription. On the website you will be able to find detailed information on all of the services available, samples of work, as well as background information on the company.

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