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Transcendentalists.comThis site provides information and links to other WebPages all related to the transcendentalist movement. If you are all into Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Margaret Fuller and others of the sort then you might consider yourself a transcendentalist or interested in this type of information.

In this site you will find material on the philosophical, religious and literary aspects of this movement. Definitions of what transcendentalism is by Emerson and other authors as well as from other sources such as encyclopedias and dictionaries, are given in this site so that those who don’t now exactly what this movement is all about, can get informed. Biographical information on authors which are considered the pioneers of this movement can also be read about in this site including lists of different online version of their writing, studies and much more. In this site you can participate in discussions, read about the latest news on this subject and also add to your personal webpage quotes from Emerson.

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