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Trackn.mePresented by a company that is based in the UK, Trackn is a very powerful tracking service that can be used by practically everybody, in most contexts you could think of. Trackn will let employers keep a good watch on where his employees are, businessmen find and track their colleagues, pet owners know where their pets are, and (generally) anybody to stay informed about the location of any object of his. Of course, it can also be used by parents who want to monitor the location and activity of their children at all times.

In essence, Trackn lets users see where people and objects are found using a live map view that updates in real time, and which provides you both with addresses and times. And whenever what you are tracking moves out of any range you have predefined then an alarm will be triggered. As you can imagine, GPS is used in order to do all the tracking.

As a service, Trackn works all over the territory of the UK. All UK mobile network providers and all the most popular mobile phones are fully supported. In Their Own Words

Trackn, based in the United Kingdom have created a ground breaking business and family mobile tracking service that improves the way we use your mobile phone to communicate, locate and supervise business colleagues, loved ones, pets, vehicles and other objects from afar.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a foolproof way to know where your loved ones and all the people you have any kind of professional/personal connection with are at all times.

Some Questions About

Which comparable services have we got in the US?

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