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Turn Your Website Visitors Into Customers (And Dollar Signs) With TrackChat

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One of my favorite website features is the “chat to a customer service rep” option. It beats waiting on the phone for 20 minutes, or trolling through a site’s FAQs to get the answer to a very quick question. Surprisingly though, there are not many site that are kitted out with this feature. Luckily, there’s sites like TrackChat that will help change your website visitors into customers through their live chat platform.





Chat Live, Get Customers

TrackChat is a live chat tool that helps you convert people visiting your website into customers by allowing them to chat with professionals online to answer all of their questions. As a visitor to a site, you’re greeted with a “We’re online, chat with us!” or “I’m here to help!” message (or whatever you want it to say… it’s fully customizable) so visitors can get their answers right on the spot. And, it’s an easy set-up. Enter the code provided into your website and chat via TrackChat’s chat console. Here’s how it works:



Founder, Thomas Buck



Chat Console

One of the best features of TrackChat is there’s no installation required. You simple use the site’s Chat Console page to check out all your live chats and visitors. Your visitors will appear on the left-hand menu and all new chats will pop up on the main window. Even cooler is the visitor history that also shows up on the console so you can see how many times the person has visited your web page, where they’re from, even what kind of web browser they’re using. So you can customize your chat accordingly (and maybe freak them out a little with your psychic skills).





Other Awesome Features

In addition to the easy-to-use chat console, TrackChat also features a way to control your chats by marking them with ! followed by commands like !help, !success, !ban, etc. so you can keep track of how a chat turned out. Auto chats help get the convo started by automatically sending an encouraging message like, “Hey, my name is Jack. If you have any questions, I’m happy to help!” And, what would a website-enhancing platform be without a comprehensive dashboard with all the visitor stats you can ask for. TrackChat gives you that, too.





The TrackChat Advantage

TrackChat has a pretty simple goal in mind: to make you more money. By using TrackChat, you can track successful chats with visitors and increase conversions and sales. Try it out free for 14 days and start chatting up your future customers. I’m pretty sure they’ll appreciate the service.


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Courtesy of Founder Thomas Buck | TrackChat

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