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The Must-Have Tools For Online Learners

by Melissa Burns


Online education gives many opportunities to anyone interested in continuing with their education. E-courses have become very popular lately, with many prestigious universities offering them free of charge or for a significantly lower price when compared to conventional studies. There are students who decide to cover the entire course load right from their homes, since they have all the right tools that enable them to do that.


Although you don’t need anything more than a computer with an Internet connection to start taking online classes, there are tools that will make the learning process much easier for you.




You need the right tools!

Having access to the right tools is extremely important for your success in taking online classes. Teachers need them to become more effective in teaching, while students need online tools to help them learn more effectively and have access to more materials. We made a selection of tools necessary for every online learner:


Plagtracker is an inevitable website for any student who wants to deliver every assignment on time. You cannot allow yourself to submit inferior academic work if you’re after high grades, and the professional writers and editors from this company will help you deliver high-quality work every time.


Writinghouse will help you deal with the boring referencing styles without paying attention to their detailed rules. All you need to do is choose the preferred style and the citation generator will format your text automatically.


TutorsClass is the best place to find a world-class tutor for an affordable price. The website provides all tools for convenient online learning.


TakingITGlobal is a global network that connects people who want to learn about global challenges. The vision of this project is to get young people engaged and active in shaping a sustainable, more peaceful and inclusive world.




Online learning software

Edmodo is educational software specifically designed to offer all needed materials and resources for learning through the Internet. Teachers can create a virtual classroom for their students, where everyone can chat with each other and share learning materials.



You cannot get into the adventure of online learning without a headset. This simple tool will make an immense difference in the sound quality, and you will be able to learn much better if you understand the online lectures better.



You will find yourself limited without a webcam, because online learning does benefit from some personal interaction. Visual conference calls will enable you to see your tutor in person and learn much more effectively because you will be able to speak instead of communicating via typing.


Your personal blog

Blogging can boost the entire process of online learning. Your blog will function like a journal, where you can publish the things you have learned, as well as short essays. You can choose any blogging platform for this purpose, but we recommend Kidblog and Blogger as two of the most convenient platforms for students. You can even get valuable feedback on the content you publish, which will help you improve your studying.


Note-taking software

Instead of using Microsoft Word or a notepad with the purpose of taking notes, you can use specialized note-taking software that will make note-taking more convenient and interesting. Evernote and Microsoft OneNote will help you take and organize notes into easily-accessible categories. These programs will also enable you to share the notes and accumulate materials from different sources.


Social media

You want to stay socially connected even when you’re dedicated to studying. Facebook allows you to join and create private groups associated to your educational goals. These groups will enable you to share websites, videos and photos, as well as to learn from the resources other members shared. You already know your way around Facebook, so you won’t waste any time in figuring out how the platform functions.


Conference program

An online web conference may be required when attending online courses. If you are learning from an online tutor, you will also benefit from conferences when you can see your educator face to face and establish clearer communication. UberConference is the program that will help you achieve that. Distance learning will become much more convenient with this tool.


Conclusion: Online learning is convenient only when you have the right tools!


There is no doubt about it; the Internet provides everything you need for continuing with your education. However, finding the right resources and online courses won’t be enough for you to succeed. You need tools that will make you a more effective and inspired learner, so make your selection and start using them today!


melissa-burns1Melissa Burns is a student of journalism. She is passionate about digital technologies and tries to implement them in the sphere of education. She observes all the news connected with online tools and is always ready to tell about them.




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