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The Power of Merchant Services, in Your Hands

As the old saying goes, “three’s a crowd”.



This is the ugly truth that small businesses around the world are beginning to realize when it comes to payment processing.  This and other merchant services are handed off to third parties, without blinking an eye, because they don’t know of any other way to keep their business going.


The reality, however, is that these “middlemen” severely limit customer service flexibility.  Businesses are forced to rely strictly on the services of one payment processing provider; and because they control the connection to the acquiring bank, the merchant must play by the rules of their gateway system.


This means that if there’s an issue with a connection that the merchant has through the provider, that provider has the power to limit (or shut down) the merchant’s other connections.  Many payment processors also have added layers of fraud protection, which can be inconvenient to work around. It all adds up to an often frustrating customer experience that can hurt business.


No more being stuck in the middle – the time has come to process payments on your own terms.  Introducing megaPower: a short, dedicated, hosted gateway technology that gives merchants the power to process payments on their own.

megaPower (also known as mPower) provides the brandable flexibility in customer service that merchants desire.  The platform acts as a router for the management of multiple payment processing accounts, all with predetermined filters.  It all works incredibly fast, and is up to 10x cheaper than today’s most popular options.


Businesses will also enjoy seamless integration into their existing merchant infrastructure, and the ability to customize megaPower based on their own specifications.  It’s all hosted from one location, too, as the company owns it own highly secure data center that keeps third parties out.

Here are just a few of the many features that merchants can expect from megaPower:


  • Mobile-friendly account access from anywhere
  • The ability to spread payments over multiple accounts
  • Option to add cryptocurrency to your merchant applications
  • Integrated CRM for the management of customer account details


Simple Mega Solutions, the company behind mPower, is led by President David Cartu – who heads up a multinational team that operates out of Ireland, Germany, Israel, and Canada.  The company launched the platform back in January, but has only recently begun online marketing.


Going forward, Simple Mega hopes that this accelerated marketing will continue adding to the early momentum they’ve already gained.  They also plan to attend more industry events, like it did back in June at Money 20/20 in Amsterdam. 


For more information about megaPower and how it can work for you, visit them online at  The team can also be reached via email at


Photos: Simple Mega Solutions (IE) Limited


Author : Richard Haschke

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