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TitansTower.comThe Teen Titans is a DC Comics superhero team that first saw the light of the day in the year 1964. The basic premise involved having teen incarnations of famous sidekicks working and battling together.

For example, the original team consisted of Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad. However, before too long the Wonder Girl character was introduced and the concept gained new preeminence. Fans agree that the “golden years” of the Titans were those under the aegis of writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Pérez, although it must be noted that recent incarnations have gone down very well with fans of the series. These individuals are going to relish visiting the Titans Tower website, a fan site that has been put together to pay homage to the Marvel heroes. Some of the categories that make up the site include a “Monitor Room” where the latest news can be found, a “REC Room” that details Titans’ merchandise and toys, and a gallery that showcases rare artwork as well as the webmaster’s own sketches.

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