This Week’s Best In Beta: Wand – Turning Dull Business Spaces Into Spellbinding Art

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This Week’s Best In Beta

Which startup is going to be the next big thing? Investors, bloggers, job seekers, and inspiring entrepreneurs everywhere are dying to know. Hundreds of startups enter private beta each month, and that’s far too many for any one person to keep up with. Fret not! Each week, I share some of the hottest new startups in this column, Best In Beta. Let’s discover the next big thing together!


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Being a poet in my off hours, I’m a huge fan of businesses that bridge the gap between the worlds of art and commerce. They need each other. There’s no good reason they should remain alien to one another.


I always turn to Michael Jordan as an example, an artist on his canvas, the basketball court. All those Gatorade commercials didn’t seem to impair his ability to drive to the lane. His artistry was unto itself, sustained in part by his work with leading brands. Likewise, brands enjoyed enormous visibility thanks to association with the revered athlete. This model should be turned to more often regarding other art forms…


Enter Wand into the picture, a platform that connects businesses with visual artists, “transforming spaces into engaging environments by turning blank walls into unique art.”




OK, street artists, time to put aside some of your rebel instincts. This is an opportunity to practice your craft more frequently, to make some scratch working on the skills that matter most to you. It’s by no means selling out. Quite the opposite – it’s a huge step toward bringing more legitimacy and respect for the work you do. Step out of the shadows and be seen!


Business owners, Wand is a great way to connect with the artistic world and to stand out among your competitors. Amazing art draws attention. Attract people to your buildings, your office spaces. Stand out in your audience’s mind. Inspire your team with bold reminders of creativity all around. Spice up all those promo materials and social media sites with remarkable visual content… need I say more.


Wand is a great way for aspiring artists to network – with peers, with potential patrons, and build the relationships that can turn a middling career into prolific career. The platform is also a great vehicle for businesses to harness the talents of gifted individuals before thy become famous – making space for beauty and serving their bottom dollar at the same time.


OK, you should get the point by now. Bravo, I say again, for thinking outside the usual lines, Wand. Learn more about this colorful startup at


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