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This Week’s Best In Beta: Magnetize Your Connections With V.O Adapter


This Week’s Best In Beta

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Having just tripped over the power cord connected to my MacBook on the way to my desk, my hope for a cordless future has been freshly renewed. I’d bank on it happening one day. But we’re not there yet. Not by a long shot.


I’m currently in New Orleans, where charging my phone and computer have proven ridiculously difficult tasks. The buildings are old. Finding outlets – the appropriate three-pronged or two-pronged outlets, depending on the device – has been a real headache.


Until we’re all ready to go cordless and the world around us comes along for the ride, V.O Adapter has a brilliant solution for plugin problems like my recent troubles.


The V.O Adapter is “the first all-directional magnetic power adapter that allows you to plug and unplug all of your electrical devices faster, easier and safer than ever before.”


You don’t have to worry about the shape of the wall outlet with a V.O Adapter (or stretching over and around furniture to match prongs in the right direction). Attach a magnetic head to the outlet and you’re ready to connect your charger. You can do this with one hand a much less awkwardness, and you can easily pack up this nifty solution and take it with you.


The V.O system is also much safer than traditional outlets. There aren’t any holes left exposed for children to court electrocution. And, if you’re a clutz like me, the cord detaches much more easily when you stumble across it, preventing equipment damage and bodily harm.


This setup is a remarkably elegant, convenient way for us to enjoy our appliances and electronics with fewer struggles. Even when the cordless future arrives, you’re probably not going to want to shell out to upgrade everything you own. V.O Adapters will let you stay plugged in more comfortably as long as you like.


If you work in several locations, you’ll no doubt appreciate the ability to power up your USB and A/C adapter connected devices wherever you need them… and, umm, if, iffff you’ve ever tugged on a cord from time to time and had unpleasant results, the V.O Adapter will save you a good deal of grief thanks to easy detachment.


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