This Startup Makes Storyboarding More Accessible

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In a landscape where budget constraints often hinder the progress of narrative projects, steps in as a practical solution to a common industry challenge. Founded in 2023, this startup offers a refreshing approach to visual storytelling by leveraging generative AI to make storyboarding more accessible and affordable, particularly for projects in their early stages.

Closing the Industry Gap

At the helm of are Markus Etter, CEO and developer; Will H. W. Read, CFO, and developer; and Balazs Welker, CTO and full-stack developer. The startup’s mission is encapsulated in its one-liner: “Revolutionizing visual storytelling with AI-powered storyboarding tools that transform ideas into compelling narratives, making high-quality storyboards accessible and affordable for projects of all sizes.”

Addressing Critical Industry Challenges plays a crucial role in the visual storytelling industry by addressing the challenge of projects stalling at the pitching phase due to budget constraints and limited storyboarding resources. By utilizing generative AI, the startup aims to simplify and streamline the storyboard creation process, empowering visual storytellers to effectively convey their ideas to stakeholders, ultimately boosting their chances of project success.

Current Progress and Future Outlook is in the final stages of developing its Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and has recently secured initial funding through an angel investment round. This financial support is instrumental in bringing the AI-driven storyboard creation platform to market, signaling the startup’s imminent entry as a transformative player.

An Inspirational Origin Story

The founders’ inspiration for stems from their experiences as filmmakers and their recognition of the potential of generative AI in visual narrative production. Motivated by a shared passion for democratizing the filmmaking process and addressing the high costs and inaccessibility of storyboarding, they created to make this crucial step universally accessible.

Drawing Inspiration from Pixar Animation Studios looks up to Pixar Animation Studios as a role model in the industry. While avoiding exaggeration, the startup acknowledges Pixar’s pioneering computer animation and storytelling work. Pixar’s commitment to innovation and storytelling excellence resonates with’s vision of simplifying the storyboard process and making high-quality visual storytelling tools available to a wider range of creators.

A Vision for the Future

In the next four years, envisions itself as a leading force in the visual storytelling sector, globally recognized for its innovative AI-driven storyboard tools. The company aims to stay at the forefront of technology in visual narrative production, expanding its offerings and user base. With a commitment to continuous improvement and adapting to emerging technologies, seeks to become an essential tool for filmmakers and storytellers, influencing how visual narratives are conceived and communicated.

In the narrative of visual storytelling, emerges as a pragmatic solution, avoiding hyperbole and focusing on tangible advancements that can reshape the creative landscape. As the startup progresses towards its market entry, it promises a future where storytelling is more accessible, making strides without compromising on creativity and quality.


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