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This Startup is Turning Essential Routines into Fun

skull mushroom
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Parenting often presents challenges that require creative solutions. For Bregt Colpaert, the founder of Skull Mushroom Cosmetics Co., the challenge was convincing his energetic and adventurous skater kids to embrace the habit of regular handwashing. Recognizing the broader issue of low hand hygiene compliance, Skull Mushroom was born to revolutionize the cosmetics industry by turning essential routines into fun and refreshing experiences.

The Problem

Statistics reveal a startling reality – less than half of Americans use soap when washing their hands, and only 66 percent wash their hands after using the restroom. The consequences are significant, with researchers estimating that routine handwashing could prevent a million deaths annually. Studies also show that proper hand hygiene can reduce the incidence of respiratory diseases by up to 21 percent.

The Solution – Grime Killer Hand Wash

Skull Mushroom Cosmetics Co., founded in 2023 in Belgium, introduces its flagship product, Grime Killer Hand Wash. This innovative hand wash is more than just a hygiene solution; it’s a lifestyle that promotes sustainability and regular handwashing. The company aims to make this everyday necessity an artistic expression that resonates with rebels, trendsetters, and conscientious consumers.

Unique Approach to Distribution

Skull Mushroom breaks the traditional distribution mold by infiltrating unexpected spaces such as local skate shops, tattoo parlors, and barber shops. This non-conventional approach aims to meet the audience where they are, making hygiene a statement and disrupting the norm.

Environmental Commitment

Skull Mushroom is fueled by a rebellious commitment to environmental awareness. Grime Killer Hand Wash is crafted with ethically sourced, raw ingredients and sustainable packaging. With 95% of plant-based ingredients coming from organic farming, the company supports organic agriculture and biodiversity while restricting the use of harmful chemicals.

Limited Edition Grime Killer

Skull Mushroom is calling on emerging designers to create unique Limited Edition Grime Killer Hand Wash bottles. This initiative is part of the “Never Without” Subscription service, allowing customers to collect a fresh bottle design every month. The company seeks designs that resonate with its values, speak to the target audience, and stand out on the shelves.

Inspiration from Liquid Death

Skull Mushroom draws inspiration from the success story of Liquid Death, a brand that made water cool and is now valued at $700 million. Like Liquid Death, Skull Mushroom aspires to revolutionize the industry, targeting skaters between 18-28 years old with a rebellious and humorous approach.

The Future of Skull Mushroom

In four years, Skull Mushroom Cosmetics Co. aims to disrupt the cosmetics industry entirely. The company envisions a new way to market and distribute cosmetics, appealing to a rebellious young audience. Beyond advocating for handwashing, Skull Mushroom plans to extend its impact to other cosmetic products, including sunscreen, continuing its commitment to style, sustainability, and rebellion in the world of cosmetics.


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