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This Online Resume Builder ALMOST Makes Resumes Sexy

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Today’s Killer Startup: Standard Resume


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Elevator Pitch:

One resume that works everywhere. View and share beautiful resumes online, on a mobile or desktop browser – or download and email a print-ready PDF version.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

You know what’s not sexy? Resumes. Resumes are absolutely not sexy, unless you’re a porn star or like, a pro domme or something. Even then, though, I can picture those reading “Responsibilities include: whipping men, stepping on men in high heels, cleaning dungeon.”


Cue my bored eye roll.




On top of the fact that resumes are fundamentally unsexy, writing and then formatting them is the worrrrrst. And finally, once you’ve got it all perfect, you upload it to Google Docs or turn it into some other format and, despite the hours you spent getting the damn spacing right, it’s ALL MESSED UP.


That’s usually when I quit my day and make a cocktail. Being unemployed is hard enough; preparing your document in order to get employed shouldn’t be damn near impossible.


And with Standard Resume, it’s finally, finally not.


Standard Resume is an online resume builder that takes the decidedly unsexy task of creating a resume and makes it, well, not sexy exactly but definitely a helluva lot easier. Their easy-to-use resume editor lets you focus the content (action verbs! action verbs!) because they’ll take care of all of the formatting. They let you do some customization of the details, so that your resume doesn’t look like all of the others, but the general format is clean, clear, and not distracting.


Best of all? It looks great on any device and can be downloaded in PDF format.


Boom. Done and done.


No one likes resumes but, unfortunately, it’s often the first impression an employer gets. Make sure that first impression is a good one, without having to spend hours and hours on unsexy stuff like formatting.



UGGGHHHHH formatting a resume is THE WORST. Good thing there’s @StandardResume to make it so much better.


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