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ThinnerView.comI recall reading a quote once that ran more or less along the following lines: “Doing something is not difficult. What is difficult is putting yourself in the position where you will be ready to do something”.

I feel that is the exact truth of it, and that such a line of thought can be applied to any task or endeavor. The site under review right now provides users with a motivational tool for shedding some weight. That is, it will not make them slim down, but it will place them in a position where they will be motivated enough to do that.

In principle, it lets them take any picture, have it processed, and see what a thinner version of them will look like. From what I saw, the system works pretty well, and it fulfills its aim with distinction. I feel every person who has a weight problem could benefit from the resulting pictures. If you have one yourself or know someone who has, this tool might turn out to make a difference. In Their Own Words

“ThinnerView helps you reach your weight loss goals more effectively and successfully by letting you see yourself at your goal weight BEFORE a single day of dieting! Many studies have shown the positive and powerful effects of visualization, saying that when it is utilized success rates dramatically increase. So, by creating your digital “after” picture, we give you a concrete image you can use to keep yourself motivated and focused on your road to success! Additionally, seeing the dramatic change that can be achieved when your weight-loss goals are reached, will give you a huge motivational boost!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As a motivational tool, it does what is meant to do admirably well.

Some Questions About

What is the maximum degree of weight loss that can be applied to a picture?

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