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Thinkery.meThis will be a very good tool to try if self-organization is not your thing, or if you have to deal with so many tasks day after day that you simply end up neglecting some of them because time is not on your side. Thinkery has got what it takes to help people out in both cases.

We can define it as an application that can organize all these activities that you have to see to, and then remind you about them in a way that is never intrusive. Content can be added to Thinkery in lots of way – you can input your thoughts and tasks directly, you can add URLs one by one… Thinkery will understand what needs to get done, and notify you about it when the time comes.

And your list of things to do can actually be shared with others. This turns Thinkery into a really good tool for professional collaboration – you will be able to let everybody know about your priorities, and they will know where they stand in relation to you right away. In Their Own Words

Your brain, organized.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you get all your tasks set down, and shared with whomever you want.

Some Questions About

Will Thinkery always remain a free application?

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