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THiNK Video – Express Your Vision In An Explainer Video Or Animated Web Video


According to the zodiac, 2013 will be the year of – the video. Is there any doubt? If you have a business or website, a brief explainer video letting the world know what you’re about will prove essential to staying in step with the times. And lending their internet marketing expertise to create web videos with zing across the calendar, arrives THiNK Video.


THiNK Video is a video production company that specializes in explainer videos. Whether trying to orchestrate a viral media campaign or enhance a website’s landing page, THiNK Video helps companies build their brands and hone their messages through dynamic, visual representations.





This video and animation studio produces commercials, trade show demonstrations, web videos, professional HD corporate & training tutorials and more. Not only does THiNK Video produce videos, but it helps market them as well.


Say it Visually!

Having an explainer video to quickly inform visitors about a website is fast becoming as commonplace as having Facebook and Twitter links. We process so much of our information visually, it makes a lot of sense to demonstrate in a short video what can take awhile to get across in print or graphics alone. The philosophy of THiNK Video is “…to help brands and businesses communicate a message through a creative and engaging experience for viewers.”


While a growing number of companies looks to meet the rising demand for explanation videos, several focus strictly on production. THiNK Video sets itself apart by offering comprehensive services that extend beyond the planning and production stages. In addition to drafting, shooting, and editing, THiNK Video also helps clients with the other crucial aspect of strategic visual communication – being seen! A great video serves a company only so much as it attracts views.


THiNK Video concentrates on the following web integration and marketing components of projects and more:


  • YouTube and Vimeo uploads
  • Web-hosting solutions
  • Website embedding
  • Optimized video metatags
  • Search Engine Optimization





You don’t need a commercial spot during the Super Bowl to make a video splash any longer. A web-savvy team such as THiNK Video can immediately help a company amplify a message through shrewd placement online. An additional benefit of having a video that communicates your company message clearly is that videos help with search engine optimization. An easy-to-find YouTube video in particular can improve visibility in Google searches, assuring visitors find a company on the first page if not at the top of a search results.


Past videos (many of them for Internet startups) have helped elucidate a wide range of products and services, including educational programs, online subscription platforms, humanitarian initiatives, and cloud web solutions. For a closer look at THiNK Video’s portfolio, visit here.





Founder Tony Tie maintains a blog onsite that offers additional advice on SEO and boosting YouTube presence. THiNK Video’s crew brings together diverse background experiences in film, music, business development and marketing. Find THiNK Video on Facebook or Twitter. For more information on all services available from THiNK Video, visit


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