There’s a Simpler Way to Publish & Promote Social Media Content

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The formula for social media marketing success consists of one part art, and one part science.

The “art” of content creation is clearly a very important factor; but due to the massive swarm of new social media users over the past handful of years, the “science” has become equally as crucial.  Knowing when, where, and how to post on the various platforms in order to stand out amongst a sea of users & content are much-needed skills.

But for business owners and professionals that rely on social media success, capturing the magic of this science is a difficult task.  Optimally posting and engaging with an audience are often neverending tasks – ones that existing social media management platforms don’t do much to alleviate.  Plus, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to leverage analytics to an advantage.

Introducing SocialHub: the world’s simplest social media management software.  With SocialHub, social media admins can create and schedule posts faster than ever before with just a few clicks – and get back to the regular course of daily business.

Admins can effortlessly plan and schedule content in advance using SocialHub’s Content Planner.  The platform works for social advertisements, too – leading to direct increases in ROI. The interface is so simple, that you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

SocialHub’s powerful collaboration features make social media team operations seamless, while its easy-to-understand analytics show users what works, and what doesn’t for optimal future post planning.  Other features and benefits the platform provides include:

  • The ability to handle any number of posts – whether it’s a single Facebook post or multiple posts on multiple platforms – in just seconds
  • One-click ad creation with the choice of existing ad-sets or your own content
  • Provides a simple overview of all settings before giving ads the green light
  • A collaborative calendar for working in real time with clients and your team
  • The ability to measure what’s important thanks to actionable data on social reach, engagement, and top performing posts.

The team at SocialHub has been hard at work developing SocialHub and is now preparing to onboard the first users. The first trial phase is now underway, but there are only 100 spots available – so the company is urging prospective users to act fast.

To sign up for the trial phase, simply visit SocialHub online at With any questions, you can also reach Co-Founder Oliver Karstedt by email at [email protected].

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