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TherapyTribe.comPresented by WebTribes (the same folks who have brought us several online community websites such as AnxietyTribe and DepressionTribe), this new initiative is geared both towards therapists who wish to become reachable through the WWW and those who need to find such a healthcare professional via the Net.

That is, the site is an online directory that can be readily searched in order to look up psychologists, psychiatrists and related professionals who have registered and become part of the featured database.

As regards the search process itself, users can have their pick from a “Quick search” feature and an “Advanced search” tool. The latter will let them streamline results by specifying aspects such as the treatment approach, the session type and so forth. Moreover, the advanced search feature makes it possible for the user to look up only therapists that accept insurance.

At the end of the day, this web-hosted directory can play out an important role when it comes to picking the right healthcare professional, and provide users with a better overall understanding of their available options. In Their Own Words

“Online Therapist Directory.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The website has a comprehensive database that is expanding rapidly, and it already covers locations the world over.

Some Questions About

Do you have to sign up in order to fully use the search capabilities of the site?

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