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Theforce.netHosted by devoted fans, this site aims to keep everybody informed on what’s happening with Star Wars. At the site you will be able to find a massive amount of information on the three episodes, plus an unofficial encyclopedia, loads and loads of trivia and fan data, regional groups of fans from around the world, information for collectors, books and magazine reviews, events calendars and basically anything remotely related to Star Wars.

As is customary of Sci-fi hardcore fan sites, there is a highly strict hierarchical order for members and regular contributors, however one thing in clear: these people love what they do and to a great extent they love sharing and discussing their great knowledge, so if there is anything you are looking for and can’t find, you are bound to find a helping hand in the community. Also, the site hosts other Star Wars-specific sites, and among them there is a great shop that sells stuff for reasonable prices, so if you are not a great fan of the Star Wars but have to make shopping for someone who is, is probably a good way to start your search.

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